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Next Generation

The ALIVE Next Generation Researcher Network will engage and develop the next generation of mental health research leaders.

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— what is the Next Gen Network about?

Who is this network comprised of?

Our network is for mental health researchers comprising of research higher degrees, early, mid career and clinician researchers.

What are the benefits of joining?

Australia’s first national network for mental health researchers across disciplines and care settings. Easy access to peer support, ongoing discussions, continuous growth outside of official education programs.

What can I expect?

Our programs and activities are focused on capacity building with mentorship, training, events, and in-residence exchanges.

— Next Gen Forum

Our next generation mental health researchers want to be thought leaders and innovators who push boundaries, and who create mechanisms for lived-experience to connect with research, translation and practice. They want to change services and practice for the better.

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The ALIVE Next Gen Researchers Network Forum is a supportive, safe and anonymous space.

We ask you to read the following before posting to the forum:

Getting started

The Next Gen Forum is an online discussion where registered members can post questions, ideas, and have conversations within posts and threads. We’re hoping that the Forum will be another helpful tool for setting up researchers for success!

Community Principles of Engagement

Here are the principles for the ALIVE Next Gen Forum to ensure that everyone feels welcome and safe. If you see these principles are not being honoured, please remind others of them. In case of abuse, please get in touch with us.

Forum FAQs

Here are FAQs for the forum covering setting up or suggesting a forum topic. Any questions, please get in touch with us.

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